Accounting CRM
Human Resource Management Systems
Point of Sales
School Management Systems
Accounting CRM
$6.25 USD
Manage Your Customer’s
Discover iBillng, A new Idea, Innovation to manage your Customer’s / Business Contact’s.
Make your Customer Database
Record Activity , see full history of your customer, the purchase data, invoices & Record any activity of your customer, e.g. Phone Call, Interests etc.
Custom Field, available option to add Custom Field’s based on your Business Type
Communicate with your Customer Send email directly to your customer
Accounting Summary for your Customer
View Transactions view transaction for individual customer.
Customer Profile, Record your customer Profile Including Linkedin, Facebook, Google Plus Profile Link
Customer Notes, Add Customer Notes
Photo, Add Photo for your Customer
Tag, & Filter Customer by Tag
Full Featured Invoicing Software
The easiest and most complete invoicing system. iBilling Invoice is a simple, easy, intuitive invoicing software designed to help you craft the perfect invoice, track payments and get paid faster online.
Create invoices quickly
Customize invoices including logo, notes and more
Set Goal for Net Worth
Send Invoice directly to your Customer from the portal
Notify to your Customer When invoice paid, due, Payment Reminder
Access from Anywhere with Unique Invoice URL, authenticate via token
PDF Invoice, Customer can download PDF Invoice with Single Click
Printer Friendly, Separate view for Printer Friendly version
Get Paid Online, Integrate with Payment Gateway’s
Create Recurring Invoice
Attach Invoice Transaction with Bank Accounts
Partial Payments, available option to record partial payments for Invoices
See it All, a Full history of your specific invoice including Related Transactsios, & Sent Email Log
Accounting Software for Business Owners
Stop being confused by bloated accounting software. It’s built for you, & You just found it. Check it out- How robust & Easy to use is this accounting software.
Record business expenses & Income
See Net Worth of your Business
Set Goal for Net Worth
Accounting Dashboard with daily, monthly Income
Accounting Snapshot instantly see all your bank balances
Innovative Graph for comparing Income vs Expense
Account Statement, Get Account Statement by individual accounts
Record Transactions by Contacts (Payer, Payee)
Record Categories
Reports By Date, check Income & Expense by date
You will love for User Experience & User Interface
Human Resource Management Systems
$5.62 USD
Full Feature List
Backend ERP
Employee Profile Management
Keep track of employee’s personal details
Keep track of employee’s company specific details
Employee’s Bank Account Information
Employee Documents
Employee’s Job History
Ability to keep records of all the previous jobs of employees
Ability to keep records of employee complaints or disputes
Departments and Designations
Categorize employees according to departments
Organize designations within departments
Employee Recruitment Management
Add job vacancies for a post
Manage job applications
Organize interviews
Employee Attendance
Manage employee’s daily attendance sorted by departments
Generates attendance report of employees
Employee leave and vacation management
Employee can request for leave
Ability for administrator to review those leave applications
Ability for administrator to either reject or accept the leave request
Employee Payroll or payslip Management
Generates payslip for employees for each month
Calculates allowances
Calculates deductions
Organize salary structure
Employee Awards
Ability to entitle awards to employees according to performance
Add allowance as award
Company Expense Management
Universal Noticeboard
Private Messaging
Ability to send message to employees
Email Notifications on messages
Multiple Language Support
Automated Installation
Ability to reset user password
Point of Sales
$6.25 USD
Expand Your Online Presence
Display your products easily through product grids, where tiles can be used for variable product selection.
Just a few reasons why our users love our plugin.
No Monthly Fees
Like WordPress and WooCommerce, this plugin is self-hosted – say goodbye to monthly fees.
Cloud Based
Your sales and register settings are always safe, available and up to date. Along with your products and orders.
Load Orders
Load your incompleted web orders straight to the register and fulfill your order right away. Control what status loaded orders need to be.
Built for flexibility, our Point of Sale plugin can be used in any industry and business venture. Ask our existing users.
Sell Anything
Sell your custom and variable products on the fly. Add meta fields such as Size and Colour to the product details.
Brand and style your register to match the colour scheme of your shop front. Your personal touch of blue.
Designed With Perfection
By using our plugin, you can instantly tell that we put our time and effort into making this interface both easy to use and beautiful to look at.
Product Add-Ons
Integrate with WooCommerce Product Add-Ons to sell your simple, variable and complex products.
Currency Rounding
Our plugin can be setup to accommodate local currency denominations with the rounding feature.
Our plugin swiftly integrates with the already built-in reporting module in WooCommerce. Report by outlet or register.
Cash Management
Manage the cash flow in your registers with our cash management tool. Just set your denominations and voila.
Barcode Scanning
Print barcodes for your products and scan them in to sell quickly and efficiently. Choose out of a variety of barcode label templates.
Order Notes
Keep a track of that special customer request by adding it as a note to the order. Never miss that important detail.
Sell Anything
The variety of industries that use our plugin proves its versatility. Take editing a product for example, you can add meta fields and define its tax status right there.
Discounts & Coupons
Offer discounts in % or in your local dealing currency. This can be applied per product or per cart. You can also apply coupons.
Decimal Stocks
Manage and accept decimal based stock for your weight based products, such as jewellery or vegetables.
Print & Email Receipts
Set the register to automatically print and email receipts. Define the number of receipts to print or even add a gift receipt.
Delivering the goods to the customer? Not a problem. Add shipping details to the order straight from the register.
Bill Screen
Show your customers what’s in the basket by connecting a new tab to an external pole display monitor. Perfect for finalising orders.
Quality Code
Our plugins are developed and designed by actual retail users with the highest standards. Check out our change log.
Create Customers
Add your customers right from the register or search for existing customers from the search bar.
As a homage to the ecosystem, we have integrated.
Product Add-Ons
Sell your complex products with this integration.
Smart Coupons
Apply even smarter coupons to your cart and basket .
Book your customers in with your bookings system.
Points & Rewards
Encourage shop loyalty with a points and rewards system.
Advanced Custom Fields
Link your custom fields to appear on the customers modal window.
Checkout Field Editor
Customise the fields that appear on the billing and shipping screen.
Postcode Validation
Quickly populate the address fields on the address fields.
Enrol your customers to your subscription based products.
School Management Systems
Support recurring payments
One-time, Annually, Bi-Annually, Tri-Annually, Quarterly & monthly
Communication selection
Mail, SMS & Phone
Login, Registeration & Forget Password 2 styles
Centered & Right Sided
$3.75 USD
Laravel 5.2
Bootstrap 4
Responsive Premium New UI – Complete Change in Application UI
Global Calendars
Complete change in the payments and invoices system
Online Paymemnt via Paypal, 2CheckOut & PayUmoney
Manual payments Supported
Partial Payments Supported
Track Due Invoices
Advanced Search
Revert Payments
User Invoices now under account settings
Fee Groups
Payments stats in the dashboard
Advanced Search in invoices, Students, Parents & Teachers
SMS characters while sending new SMS
Infobip SMS Gateway Support
Teachers can send mail & SMS
Sorting features for teachers, Students, Parents & invoices
Exam Schedule feature
Section Support in SMS
Ability rn create new SMS templates and use them in Mail & SMS
Enhancements in PDF & Excel generation
Enhancements in Excel Import
Official holidays added to the calendar
Timezone option for dates and times
Expenses categories
Upload reciept with expenses
Google Analytics Support
Minor bug fixes